Partial flow cooler ACIP for industrial use

The new cooler system ACIP is optimised for a wide range of hydraulic applications. An integrated motor pump unit makes it possible to cool the oil efficiently and continuously in a separate circuit. The cooling process is working independently from the operation condition of the main hydraulic power unit.


  • Easy to retrofit in existing systems
  • Extension of oil life due to permanent cooling
  • Extended service life of seals and hydraulic components
  • High flexibility in the choise of the pump
  • Short delivery times by intelligent warehousing

Product features

  • Oil-air cooler ACI with motor & pump in one unit
    • Drive motor 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 1450 min-1
    • Gear pump, operating pressure: 4 bar
    • Bellhousing and coupling
  • Continuous cooling process
  • Permissible viscosity range: 10 - 300 mm2/s
  • Max. operating temperature 90°C
  • Max. suction height 1 m