Agitator drives

DST agitator drives made from stainless steel 1.4435/1.4404 are available as overhead drive or bottom mounted drive.

The overhead drive prevents the escape of any hazardous gases or the ingress of contamination during agitation. By using a bottom mounted agitator drive, the agitator is hermetically sealed, thus preventing any escape of the medium.


  • Overhead drive: 0.1 – 15,000 Nm
  • Bottom mounted drive: 0.3 – 1,000 Nm* (* <150 Nm incl. SSiC bearing, further bearings made of steel or plastic on request)


  • Overhead drives
  • Autoclaves
  • PU industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Laboratory industry
  • Bottom mounted drives
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Process industry


  • Overhead drives:
  • Complete unit with motor
  • Compact design for the laboratory technology
  • High pressures and temperatures possible
  • Everything from a single source
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Bottom mounted drives:
  • Very good surface finish
  • Optionally equipped with speed monitoring
  • Canister flange as screw or welding flange
  • Various materials are available
  • Customer-specific solutions