Battery and fuel cell production

High-performance flow measurement and pump technology for battery and fuel cell production.

Our flow meters and pumps are ideally suited for highly efficient dosing monitoring in the production of batteries and fuel cells. With our many years of experience in flow measurement and pump technology, we have developed products, which are also specially designed for the use with highly viscous and difficult media. They are therefore perfectly suitable for precise measurement and dosing in the manufacturing process of battery and fuel cells.

Our flow meters and pumps are available in different sizes and versions and may be individually designed. We offer you an optimal as well as customised solution for your application.

Benefit from our knowledge in precise dosing for demanding applications. Our flow meters and pumps are already successfully used by numerous well-known international manufacturers.

Applications VSE flow meters

  • Battery cell bonding
  • Side plate bonding
  • Gap filling and casting
  • Battery cover sealing
  • Anode and cathode coating
  • Dosing of dispersions and casting compounds

Applications Beinlich pumps

  • Conformal Coating
  • Microdosing
  • Dam & Fill, Glob Top
  • Dot and bead dispensing