Every drop electrifying – VSE flow meters and Beinlich pumps in the production of electric motors

The progressive development of electric mobility requires ever more efficient and reliable technologies for the production of electric motors. In this context, the trickle impregnation process takes a significant part in production as an important process step. This process provides protection for the windings of electric motors through uniform and controlled impregnation with insulating materials, which in turn increases the performance and longevity of the motors.

Central to this process is the precise dosing and delivery of the impregnating materials, particularly the trickle resins. This is where the eccentric screw pumps from Beinlich Pumpen become important. These specialised pumps are characterised by their ability to convey and meter liquids with different viscosities. In the case of the drip impregnation process, these pumps are ideal because they can apply the viscous resins precisely and evenly to the windings of the electric motors.

Beinlich's progressive cavity pumps can cover a wide viscosity range from 1 to 100,000 mPas, so any potting compounds can be pumped without any problems. This is essential to ensure that the electric motor windings are evenly and effectively protected for reliable electrical insulation and improved thermal conductivity.

Another advantage of using progressing cavity pumps in this context is their precise measurement accuracy and dynamics. This is important in order to meter the exact amount of impregnating substances used and to ensure an even coating.

Furthermore, to optimise the drip impregnation process, VSE flow meters can be used to monitor the flow of the substances used in real time and enable precise control of the feed quantity.The flow meters from VSE Volumentechnik help to detect and correct deviations in the impregnation process at an early stage. Only with the use of a flow meter each individual dosage can be logged and documented. This is particularly important for quality assurance. Monitoring the pump speed is a theoretical value, as no wear of the pump is detected. A flow meter thus leads to increased product quality and efficiency in production. The sensors do not only provide precise measurement, but also the possibility to dynamically adjust the process to meet different requirements.

Published: September, 13 2023