HBE P+Calculator available in newly revised web version

We have been offering our customers the P+Calculator software for the dimensioning of bell housings, couplings and accessories such as foot flanges and damping elements for many years. With the completely revised update, the program is now available as a plug-in-independent browser version.

Customers can now easily and quickly calculate bellhousings, couplings and accessories for over 4000 pumps from around 150 manufacturers in every modern web browser without an additional installation of plugins. Regardless of whether you use a PC, a smartphone or a tablet - the flexible display enables a simple handling also to go. The customer is working with specific data and prices already during the project planning and can easily download the calculations as DXF-, STP- or PDF files.

As usual, the access is free of charge for HBE customers, the login is made with the HBE customer number. A guest access is available on request.

Here you get to the new version.

Published: May, 08 2017