New VSE signal converter FU210-28

The FU210-28 is the functionally compatible and more powerful successor unit of our proven signal converter FU252-28.

The FU210-28 converter processes the speed information from the output signals of the VSE flow meters. The device can convert the frequency of the HTL signals into a freely scalable analogue measurement variable (current/voltage) with almost no delay. With an analogue resolution of 16 bit, or as a digital measured value via Modbus RTU or RS232, these converted signals are then available for further data processing. To increase accuracy a linearization with up to 24 control points can be programmed.

In addition to quadrature signals with HTL signals, the converter can process the formats RS422, TTL and HTL differential formats, as well as single-channel signals from other measuring systems such as incremental encoders.

The FU210-28 also has pulse counting mode, which enables conversion of the total flow rate (volume). Linearization can also be programmed in this operating mode.

Various applications and functions can be implemented via 6 available inputs and outputs.

Published: April, 07 2020