New user software VSE EasyLoader

As of now, there will be the new user software VSE EasyLoader as an alternative to the software OS6.0. EasyLoader is optimally matched to the VSE flow meters and supports the evaluation units A341-28, A350-28 and FU252.

With an easily comprehensible user surface the flow meter, the desired display and the analogue output are being selected and the generated parameters are being transmitted to the evaluation unit with one click via the serial interface.

A special feature is the very user-friendly input of the linearisation points, where the calibration points (frequency and K factor) can be directly entered and the necessary conversions are taking place in the background.

Advanced users can optionally edit the individual registers as before. XML parameter files can be exported and saved from the configuration matrix or the unit. Additionally, XML files made with EasyLoader can be imported into the software for a later activation.

The software can be downloaded for free here.

Published: May, 13 2019