Precise extraction with the CANNA.pump

The CANNA.pump from Beinlich Pumpen is an external gear pump developed to fulfil the high demands of modern extraction processes. Its introduction represents a significant advance, particularly in the cannabis industry, as it enables the extraction of compounds such as CBD and THC.

The CANNA.pump is characterised by its ability to work almost pulsation-free. This feature guarantees a smooth, continuous flow of solvent through the extraction material, which is crucial for achieving high purity and quality of the final product. This mode of operation is particularly advantageous for processes that require gentle evaporation of solvents at low temperatures, which is essential for the integrity of heat-sensitive substances.

Crucially, the CANNA.pump is adaptable through customisable sealing options and the ability to integrate an explosion-proof motor, ensuring safety in a range of environments. It operates in a wide temperature range (-20°C to 215°C), making it versatile not only in the cannabis industry, but also in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Published: April, 08 2024