RS was expanded with a further size

Three years ago, the RS Series helical screw flow meters with rotor sensors was brought to the market - for an especially high precision measurement mostly independent of viscosity and with lowest pressure losses. The series has now been expanded with a new size (RS 40). A measurement range of 0.04 l/min up to 40 l/min can now be covered with all advantages of the current RS Series.

The rotor profiles of the smallest RS helical screw sensor allow a low-resistance, high-precision measurement while gently transporting the measuring medium. The downstream electronics unit features a high-resolution sin / cos-interpolator. Among others, the device features a programmable signal filter, which is able to offset unwanted, negative pulse sequences and detects and saves values that exceed the indicated flow and temperature values. With the patented sensor technology of the RS 40, output frequencies of 300 to 100 kHz can be generated with a measurement accuracy of 0.5 % of the measured value. The operating pressure is 450 bar with 120°C maximum medium temperature.

The advantages of the new RS helical screw flow sensor are the high-precision measurement of the fluid with minimal shear, as well as lowest pressure losses and a short response time through reduced masses. This is why RS 40 is especially suitable for high dynamic measurement tasks in the hydraulics or for highly viscous, paste-like, abrasive adhesives and sealants in the process engineering.

The RS 40 is available in stainless steel and cast iron.

Published: August, 18 2016