SOFTEX® ES – new variants of elastic and no backlash shaft couplings

The SOFTEX® coupling is a torsionally flexible and breakdown-secure three-part resistant claw coupling. Due to the elastic gear ring it is in a position to dampen shocks, torsional vibrations and noises. Now, HBE GmbH has brought onto market two new variants of the elastic and no backlash shaft couplings: SOFTEX® ES 6.0 and SOFTEX® ES 6.0P.

As with the proven couplings of the elastic SOFTEX® series, the gear ring of the new no backlash models also has a high resistance to wear as well as a good resistance to oils, greases, a large number of solvents, ozone and climatic conditions. The operating temperatures, depending on the model of the gear ring, lie between -50° and +120°C; short-term temperature peaks up to +150°C are permitted.

With the SOFTEX® ES Type 6.0 clamping ring hubs, one is concerned with a no backlash spindle connection with high friction-fit moments. It is suitable for servo drives such as, for example, main spindles of machine tools and drives with high torque impulses such as drives for presses. By doing without feather key grooves or slotted hubs there is no resultant out-of-balance. Furthermore, the SOFTEX® ES 6.0 is characterised by great running smoothness even at high revs with 40 m/s circumferential velocity. It can be used in a potentially explosive area. With this, however, notice is to be taken with regard to friction-fit moments. As a rule, the hub is made of aluminium, the clamping ring of steel. If desired, all components are made of ST52.3 steel.

The SOFTEX® ES Type 6.0P clamping ring hubs were developed for short drill spindles on multispindle heads in machine tools. With driving speeds up to 75 m/s circumferential velocity the high-precision, no backlash shaft connections have a high running smoothness. It is also suitable for explosion safe operation. Hub and clamping ring are made from 42CrMo4 alloyed heat-treated steel.

Both new coupling variants, due to the internal clamping screws, are secure and can be quickly installed.

Published: May, 28 2015