Sustainable production optimisation at HBE GmbH

The manufacturer of hydraulic components, HBE GmbH, started with extensive investments into the new year. A powerful and environmentally compliant coating and drying plant as well as a space saving fully automated storage lift system now optimise the production of the company.

In October of last year, the dispatch and raw material stock were newly structured. Due to the investment in two fully automated lift systems type KARDEX Shuttle XP500, the stocking capacities have been significantly expanded. On a base area of only 17 square meters, 67 tons of small parts can be stocked up to a height of six meters. Thus, the retrieval and packing times are being significantly reduced. Structural modifications were not necessary. The purchase of a third system is planned for mid of this year.

In addition and just in time for the start of 2019, HBE put a new coating and drying plant into operation. In the 9x6x4 meter large cabin, welding constructions like oil tanks, oil sumps or frames can be primed and painted according to customers’ requirements. All conventional and water-dilutable coatings may be used for processing. Thanks to the variable switching option from spraying to drying operation, HBE could significantly reduce lead times. A compressed air driven 1 ton crane supports the handling in the cabin on a distance of seven meters. At the same time, the paint stock was converted according to the latest environmental and safety regulations. Various safety cabinets with integrated ventilation system provide for a safe and correct storage of flammable hazardous materials in workplaces.

These investments help to meet the steadily growing demands of finished painted components at the Neuenrade location.

Published: January, 25 2019