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External gear pump ECO.pump

New to the Beinlich lineup, the ECO.pump boasts as a highly capable external gear pump at an economical price point. Competent at metering viscous media up to 200,000 mPa·s, the ECO.pump lends itself to many common applications. The stainless steel body and compact design allow the pump to be used as an in-line device and maintain a rust free integrity. Available with a variety of displacement sizes, the ECO.pump is the cost effective solution for your metering pump needs.

Performance data

  • Displacements 0.15 up to 6.0 cc/rev
  • Speed range 10 up to 400 rpm
  • Viscosity range 10 up to 200,000 mPas
  • Ambient temperature range -22°F up to +140°F
  • Fluid temperature range / operating temperature range -4°F up to +302°F
  • Pressure range up to 725 psi

Common applications

Dosing of media without fillers: isocyanates, adhesives, silicones, polyols, hotmelts, paints and oils

More information on external gear pump ECO.pump can be found in our Product catalogue. For detailed information and technical specifications, please contact our employees.