Internal gear pump ZPI

Thanks to internal gear wheels, the gear pump ZPI allows an especially low-noise conveying of the fluid which not only reduces the noise emission but also the costs for noise-absorbing measures.

Furthermore, the high volumetric efficiency of the ZPI internal gear pump has a positive effect on the energy balance due to the improvement of the overall efficiency.

Performance data

  • Displacements 1.00 up to 207.00 cc/rev
  • Speed 300 up to 3,000 rpm
  • Viscosity 10 up to 1,000 mPas
  • Ambient temperature range -22°F up to +140°F
  • Medium temperature / operating temperature -4°F up to +302°F
  • Operating pressure up to 1740 psi

Application areas

  • Low noise hydraulic drives
  • Coolant pumps for machine tools
  • „Overdrive pumps“ for hydraulic presses in combination with Beinlich radial piston pumps

Advantages of the internal gear pump ZPI