Micro-hoses and fittings

With Oleotec hoses and fittings, pressure can be checked while hydraulic systems are at full pressure. Micro-fittings and micro-bore hoses can bear a working pressure of max. 630 bar. All fittings are designed by Oleotec and supplied with ferrule included.

The MCS® micro-hoses consist of a polyamide core and cover, with a hardened braid made of aramid fibre, ensuring a perfect sealing. The connection is self-sealing and will not loosen under vibration or pressure peaks. Our production department is specialised in assembling DN2 and DN4 micro-hoses.

Technical data »
  6400 6500 6700
inside diameter 2 mm ±0.1 4 mm ±0.2 4 mm ±0.2
outside diameter 5 mm ±0.1 8 mm ±0.2 8 mm ±0.2
min. bend radius 20 mm 40 mm 40 mm
max. working pressure 630 bar 320 bar 500 bar
test pressure 950 bar 480 bar 750 bar
min. burst pressure 1900 bar 960 bar 1500 bar
working temperature -20°C +100°C
temperature/working pressure -20°C +50°C : 100% >80°C : 86% >100°C : 77%
hose polyamide
braid aramid fibre synthetic fibre aramid fibre
cover polyamide
weight per meter 18 g 47 g 47 g

Pressure drop

Hose 6400
Pressure drop in a 1-meter-long hose with mineral oil with viscosity = 35 mm/sec.2