Painting systems

High-performance pumps and flow meters for various viscosities and challenging tasks in the paint and varnish industry.

Paints, varnishes, inks and coatings with different viscosities and fillers can put a high stress on the pump and flow measurement technology used in painting systems. A continuous fluidity and supply of the media is crucial for an effective process without any blocking and downtimes.

Beinlich pumps and VSE flow meters are ideally designed for these requirements. Depending on the application, our products are customised to your specific needs. With our selection of different pump and flow meter types with various material and sealing options we can offer you the right solution.

Applications VSE flow meters

  • Paint Process
  • Paint Application
  • Spray Performance

Applications Beinlich pumps

  • Solvent Based Paints
  • 2K
  • Water Borne Paints
  • Clear Coat