Renewable energy

Sustainable and reliable products for the power generation industry.

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  • Photovoltaic panel bonding
  • RTM systems
  • Carbon fiber pressing,
    metering and baking
  • Rotor blade production
  • Wind turbine bonding
  • Casting hybrid components
  • Gearbox lubrication
  • Vacuum injection systems
  • Circulation in solar systems

Climate change and digitalization will be key trends driving global power generation in the coming years as the world accelerates in replacing fossil-fuels with renewable energy. It is part of our commitment to enable engineering breakthroughs that lead to a brighter tomorrow.

We offer particularly reliable and robust pumps and flow meters with a long service life which can be used in almost all systems for the generation of renewable energy – from wind power plants and solar power plants to systems for biogas production.

Our flow meters and pumps are available in different sizes and versions and may be individually designed. We offer you an optimal as well as customized solution for your application.

Customers value our expertise in precise dosing for demanding applications. Our products are successfully applied by numerous well-known international manufacturers.

Your Benefits

  • Long-lasting high-end products designed for your specific application
  • Original equipment (OEM) and retrofitting of existing plants
  • Fast implementation of customized solutions
  • Many years of application experience and technical know‑how
  • Extensive service and calibrations
  • Own test stands and test protocols