Test & Measurement

Highly precise equipment for reliable testing results in a variety of application areas.

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  • Fuel measurement
  • Fluid level monitoring
  • Brake test stand
  • Hydraulic test bench

The requirements on test stands and test benches are very high since components are tested under extreme conditions. The facilities should deliver continuous and reliable test results for example in the automotive or in the aviation industry. This includes the testing of single components or complete vehicles, machines, tools, the measurement of fuel consumption and level monitoring.

Our robust and highly accurate flow meters and pumps are available in different sizes and versions and may be individually designed. With a variety of different displacement rates and flow ranges, we can offer you the best possible solution for your test applications.

Customers value our expertise in precise dosing for demanding applications. Our products are successfully applied by numerous well-known international manufacturers.

Your Benefits

  • Long-lasting high-end products designed for your specific application
  • Original equipment (OEM) and retrofitting of existing plants
  • Fast implementation of customized solutions
  • Many years of application experience and technical know‑how
  • Extensive service and calibrations
  • Own test stands and test protocols