VSE IO.flow® IO Device Description (IODD)

The IODD is a device description file and is used for commissioning and parameterisation of the IO.flow® Converter in the process control software. It contains information about the parameters and the structure of the process data.

VSE-IOflow-20230829-IODD1.1 Download
Date: 08/2023 108.0 KiB

VSE EasyLoader software

The VSE EasyLoader enables the user to quickly and conveniently parameterize the A341-28, A350-28 and FU210-28 evaluation devices. The software is matched to VSE's flowmeters and handles the calculation of the register values.

In the new version v6.0, the user interface has been completely renewed and the communication interface is more robust. A complete documentation of the software as well as of the evaluation devices (e.g. connection diagrams / operating instructions) are integrated and thus quickly retrievable. The minimum requirement of the software is Windows 7 and the installation of .NET Framework v4.7.2 or higher. The software is currently only available in English.

VSE EasyLoader V6.0.4 Download
Date: 04/2023 27.7 MB
VSE EasyLoader V5.9f (Compatible with A341, A350, FU210, FU252) Download
Date: 04/2023 3.2 MB

OS 10.0 User Software

User software for the FU210 analogue frequency converter and the evaluation units A350 and A341. This software has been verified for Win 8.1 / 10.

Please note: The OS 10.0 replaces the previously used PC software OS 6.0.

OS 10.0 version Download
Date: 05/2022 88.7 MB