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Product catalogs

IC Flow company presentation and product overview Beinlich Open online catalog Download
Date: 06/2019 2.7 MB
e.holding company presentation Open online catalog Download
Date: 04/2018 3.4 MB


  • Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015Download
    Date: 08/20190.53 MB
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Rotary Power Downloads »
C Range Catalogue Download
3.4 MB
C Range Metering Pump Datasheet Download
217.2 KiB
Rötelmann Downloads »
Rötelmann General catalogue Download
Date: 04/2017 9.7 MB
2-way ball valves Download
Date: 04/2017 2.8 MB
Multi-way ball valves Download
Date: 04/2017 2.1 MB
Ball valve systems Download
Date: 04/2017 2.9 MB
Excavator ball valves Download
Date: 11/2016 1.4 MB
Ball valves for instrumentation Download
Date: 04/2017 1.5 MB
Valves Download
Date: 04/2017 1.7 MB
Attachments + accessories Download
Date: 04/2017 1.2 MB
Technical information Download
Date: 04/2017 1.3 MB