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Rötelmann - Quality has a great value

Using teamwork and modern engineering systems we develop just the right solution for the job at hand

Developing concepts tailored to the task at hand, thoroughly advantageous and economically feasible, that's what our design team does best. Every employee is an expert in his or her field and is fully familiar with market requirements. Only the interplay of forward-looking innovation and proven product quality can establish market leadership over the long term. That's why we give such high priority to work on new developments. Many new developments would not be possible at all without the use of advanced technology. Good ideas would fall aside because their realization would stumble over the cost factor known as time. Having realized this, we supplied our engineering department with the latest in equipment, systems and software. This system not only simplifies procedures during the design phase but also allows for developments which otherwise could not be justified simply because of the time which would be involved.

High-performance technology and effective manufacturing make for efficient production

We attach great importance to quality and precision. That is why we employ the latest technologies. We have at our disposal high-performance CNC-lathes giving speed and economy in manufacturing. Our capacities range from productions units for custom manufactured individual components to high-performance CNC-machines. Our manufacturing technology is extended by the capabilities which CNC-machining centers offer. This is because developing more and more complex products requires appropriate technology on our manufacturing line. High working speeds, short set-up periods and consistently superior precision are the advantages offered by CNC-machine tools, which we also utilize for small and medium production runs. Highly qualified professionals apply their skills and dedication to achieve results which satisfy our high expectations for the product. With ongoing in-service training we ensure that our employees' store of knowledge keeps pace with the demands of modern CNC-technology in every field.

We take precision seriously because quality has a great value

Ensuring quality is one of the most important considerations in the production processes at Rötelmann. Not only the complete product is finally inspected, but the various manufacturing steps are also surveyed. A modern, high-performance test system has been installed for the final inspection phase. Each and every ball valve is checked for proper operation and safety after assembly. Additionally, this testing system can simulate conditions which are well beyond the loading actually experienced in practice. The excellent reputation we enjoy around the world is testimony to solid quality from start to finish. The TÜV CERT certificate confirmes that Rötelmann has installed an integral quality management system complying with the DIN ISO 9001/EN 29001 standards. The basis for this system are effective organizational, technical and human resources which together ensure a consistently high quality level for all our products and services.

From initial consulting to the ultimate shipment, we offer service you can rely upon

Rötelmann is known to be a reliable supplier. There are many good reasons for this. Our fully networked production planning and control system, for example, stands for fast and reliable job processing. We see expert advice as the ultimate touchstone all in personal contacts with the customer. No matter whether you phone us to discuss an impending problem or if our application engineers need to see the situation on site, we are available to help. To our minds this is one of the foundation stones for cooperative efforts that result in success. Rötelmann is well equipped to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. We are expanding investments in research and development while continuing the transition to new and even more effective production techniques. We attach great importance to initial schooling and ongoing employee training. The spacious plant in the Werdohl-Dresel industrial estate offers everything we need for growth and to implement state-of-the-art production throughout.

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